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We guide you on choosing a lender, selecting the right terms, and getting the most out of your mortgage.

We provide mortgage and equity solutions including home mortgages, second homes, vacation homes, rental properties, refinances, equity take outs, second mortgages and private mortgages.


Our Services

Mortgages for a New Home or Property

We have access to over 30 trusted lenders including major banks, credit unions and Canadian mortgage companies.  This provides you with access to multiple mortgage options and terms. However, the best part is we work for you at no cost - we are paid by the lender after you take possession!

Renewing or Moving Your Current Mortgage

Often people make the mistake of renewing their mortgage without looking into options. We can help you decide what’s in your best interest.  

Mortgage Refinance

We will analyse whether it is worth the penalty cost to break your term and sign at a new lower interest rate which will increase your cash flow and save you money.  Let your home equity work for you.

Secured Line of Credit and Getting the Most Out of Your Home Equity

Depending on your situation, it can make fiscal sense to leverage your home equity or apply for a secure line of credit. We’ll advise you on the pros and cons of each option. 

Debt Consolidation

There are many reasons that debt consolidation is a smart choice.  Get the consultation that can make a difference.


We are known for the relationships we build

Many of our clients return for future mortgages


Ranked #1 Mortgage Funder in Alberta

for Verico Paragon Mortgage Inc in 2016, 2017 and 2018



Happiness creators

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It’s hard to describe just what happens in that moment that you get approved for your home. Life changing would be one word that comes to mind. 

Not only do we want you to become approved for a mortgage, we want you to be confident that you made a decision that you’ll feel good about for your entire time owning that home.

For some of our clients, who may have been declined previously, we work with them to put together a plan that will get them through. 

Our track record of making our clients mortgage dreams come true is something we are proud of. It’s why we do what we do.